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Insurance intermediaries and –advisers usually require a commercial trade permission issued by their regional chamber of industry and commerce. This will be only be granted upon verification of their personal liability, stable financial background, professional indemnity insurance and adequate professional competence.

Furthermore, professional insurance intermediaries and –advisers have to be entered in this online register or will be imposed with a monetary fine. The insurance intermediaries’/- advisers’ professional data are freely accessible. The use of these data for advertising purposes is prohibited.

The regional chambers of industry and commerce do not only act as licensing offices but also operate this register, which is established at the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK).

The register offers the possibility to verify whether an insurance intermediary/- adviser is actually registered. This results transparency and enhances customer protection.

Please use the following link, to download the statistic overview about insurance mediation in Germany. The statistics will be updated quarterly: Statistics

For additional information, newsletters and statements regarding "insurance mediation" please use the following link to the DIHK homepage: Information, newsletters and statements

For specific information about the required competence for getting the licence for insurance mediation in Germany please click here: Information about the required competence

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